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When it comes to donning suits, there’s an unexplainable sense of flexibility that comes with wearing a blue suit. 

First, a blue suit can be worn either as formal attire for job interviews or as a smart-casual look for a date night. Second, it’s neither as hardcore as a black suit nor sober as a grey suit where it can complement any skin complexion and match with color. Third, it is like a chameleon that can adapt to any style and display varied versions of the person wearing it. 

With a blue suit, you can have different looks, such as corporate, casual, dandy, and sartorial. That said, here’s a practical guide to wearing and matching your blue suit with other clothing elements.

1. Blue suit with a light blue shirt and navy tie

In a corporate office setting, chances are that there will be someone who appears as though they’re a top executive. Yet, the individual may or may not even occupy the highest seat in the corporate hierarchy. The secret? All you have to do is to don a light blue dress shirt under your navy suit with a dark blue tie and cap it with a pair of black loafers. With such an outfit, you can easily stand out as though you were a boss!

2. Blue suit with Breton top

Suits have long been a symbolic status of a working man – much like a school uniform for students. Chances are that you’ll see a few sporting this appearance looking like a sailor with the Breton top under the navy suit. To make the combo work, you have to choose a base color of the T-shirt with a pair of minimalist sneakers. Doing so can help you transition from maritime menswear to avoid the image of a sailor.

3. Blue suit and contrast top

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing a suit. Yes, it should fit appropriately, be buttoned properly, and use the right fabric correctly. As far as styling is concerned, however, almost anything goes with a blue suit these days. If you’ve noticed, you would see pops of color to a navy suit in the form of a contrast T-shirt or knitwear. What’s good about blue is that it can work with almost any shade of color.

4. Blue suit and crew neck knit

Now, let’s move on to sporting a business-casual outfit, which can actually be trickier than other options. Consider a crew neck knit that can tone down your tailoring and allow you to experiment with various colors. Don plain merino to keep things sharp while adding a soft rib or cable-knit for extra texture. You can opt for neutral colors, such as grey and cream, and experiment with striking colors, such as sage green or burnt orange.

5. Blue Suit and Cuban collar shirt

The Cuban collar shirt gives your suit a goody-two-shoes look, which is wildly popular in recent summers. You may go for bold patterns, but we highly suggest a neutral color palette for this type of shirt. You can wear light blue or off-white which should be tucked, as much as possible. By tucking-in your shirt, you can ensure that the collar won’t compete with your lapels once you have your suit on.

At this point, you now know how to wear and match your blue suit with various options. For your guide and reference, make sure to go for deep shade, but not too dark. Also, avoid something shiny and opt for some gentle texture. 

With the valuable tips outlined above, see how your existing wardrobe will go with a blue suit and marvel at how you can spruce up your overall look and appearance.

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