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Have you ever dreamed of wearing something that makes you feel like a king? Want to wear something over your body that’ll boost your confidence and be proud of what you’re wearing? Get a bespoke suit. They’re the embodiment of class, a work of art, cut to fit the wearer perfectly. Of course, none of that luxurious sense comes without a price, and it takes an expert to create a bespoke suit.

Different Types of Suits

Before we begin talking about the bespoke suit, it helps to know the different types of suits available to the market out there. First, ready-to-wear suits. These are the suits you’ll find in department stores, ready to wear and made in the masses. Second, made-to-measure suits. These suits are somewhat custom-made to fit the wearer, albeit still based on a design or a pattern. 

Finally, bespoke suits. What makes a bespoke suit so special? Rather than mass-produced or based on a pre-existing design, a bespoke suit is hand-tailored and custom-fitted on an individual. In other words, there is no suit like it in the whole world, and that suit is unique to only its wearer. It is crafted by the hands of the expert to the exact specifications and dimensions of the owner’s body. Because the process itself is incredibly meticulous, making a bespoke suit is not for the impatient. Multiple visits and measurements are required to ensure that the final product is the exact suit you have in your mind and that it fits you perfectly.

Want to grab a bespoke suit for yourself? Here’s what you need to know.

Getting the Suit You Want

The first thing you must always do before going to make a suit is to determine what it will be used for. Are you going to wear it to work? Is the suit meant for special occasions? By figuring out what the suit will be used for, the tailor can then get to work on designing a suit that best fits the event. Otherwise, it will leave you with an outfit that’ll be completely different from what you envisioned it to be.

Next, figure out what material you want the suit to be made of. To make things easy for you, stick to a material that’s light to keep you from overheating. Use comfortable fabric. You can always consult the tailor if you need more clarification on the type of material.

Speaking of a tailor, they’re one of the most important factors when it comes to helping you get the bespoke suit that you want. When looking for a tailor, make sure that he or she actually makes bespoke suits and even uses the term “bespoke” in a conversation. That way, you can rest easy knowing your suit isn’t going to be based on a pre-existing pattern and that the tailor has the skills needed to create the best suit possible.

Bespoke Suit vs. Bespoke Tuxedo

If you’re looking for an outfit that screams formal yet extravagant, more than what a bespoke suit can give you, a bespoke tuxedo can do the job for you. Of course, when and where you’ll be able to wear the tux will be extremely limited to formal, special, or luxurious occasions. However, it comes with a downfall: pricing. 

While a bespoke suit can cost you a few thousands of dollars, a bespoke tuxedo can easily cost up to 50 percent more. Ask yourself if you want to pay more for a piece of outfit you can’t even wear to work. A suit is perfect for every occasion, and you’re paying a lower premium. You can also make the outfit a little more formal by opting for a three-piece suit (which can be worn as a two-piece for less formal occasions).

Put the time into finding the right tailor and be clear about precisely what you’re looking for. Only that way, can your first bespoke suit be the suit of your dreams.

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