While it may be easy to see that tourists plan on visiting Bangkok to taste the food, see the culture, find beautiful beaches, and travel around the country, there’s one part of the city that people notice the most when they arrive: the sheer number of available tailors.

A quick background on Bangkok’s tailors 

World-renown as next-level artisans in the craft of tailoring, Bangkok’s tailors have put out some of the world’s finest examples in suitmaking thanks to their next-level attention to detail and skills refined with decades of practice, learning, and application. 

Although they may not necessarily be as wildly famous as Savile Row, there’s no denying the fact that the work and craftsmanship that Bangkok’s tailors possess are world-class. No matter which store you could put in comparison with Bangkok’s masterful workers, there no doubt that Thailand’s finest craftsmen can outweigh them at any time. 

As amazing as it may be to get a finely-constructed and stunning suit from Southeast Asia’s foremost professional tailors, however, there’s just one problem with getting a suit made in the sunny city of Bangkok: there are too many options to choose from. 

Choosing the right Bangkok tailor for your needs 

With hundreds of tailors side-by-side in certain parts of the city all clamoring for customers and claiming they’re the “best,” it can be quite difficult to set on a particular option. Fortunately, you can make matters far less difficult and get so much more out of your money’s worth by knowing what qualities to watch out for in any option that you’re looking at in the first place. 

If you’ve come to Bangkok in search of the best suit that you’ll ever have, wear, and enjoy, then you’ve come to the right place. Before you settle on a particular tailor, however, here are a few factors to consider when choosing a craftsman in Bangkok who can masterfully craft your two or three-piece ensemble: 

Great reviews and lots of referrals

Given the sheer amount of skilled tailors in Bangkok, it’s safe to assume that there are hundreds of thousands to millions of different reviews online that can point you to the best one for your preferences and budget. 

By running a quick search of “best suit tailor Bangkok” on Google, you’ll be pointed right away to quite a few amazing suggestions (such as Nickermann’s Tailors!) that you can canvass for during a day or two during your trip! If the internet doesn’t exactly make you feel secure in terms of available options, then the best way to find the best tailor for your needs is to go by way of referral and start asking sharply-dressed locals for help! 

Quality in all aspects

Generally speaking, there are three ways the concept of quality could possibly manifest when it comes to dealing with Bangkok’s world-famous tailors, namely: 

  • The quality of the materials that they use
  • The quality of the suit jackets that they have on display in their shop
  • The quality of their current ongoing projects  

An incessant need to fit and measure more than once

At the end of the day, Bangkok’s tailors are all about getting the perfect fit the first time with keen attention to detail, and what better way to showcase this than with a significant amount of fittings and measurements?

While there may not exactly be a magic number as to what dictates “perfect” for the number of times a tailor should measure and fit the jacket on you, anywhere along the region of three to six times is a good sign. By getting repeated measurements of your jacket and checking the fit of the product in construction, a Bangkok tailor works hard to ensure the quality of the final product so that they can save their time and yours!

Final words

Before you hop onto the next plane to Bangkok and run to any local tailor and ask for a suit, it is important to approach the task as objectively as possible and take the necessary steps to avoid any fraud and the eventual lack of a quality suit.

If you’re looking to cut the search process short and go with the finest example whatever your budget may be, then feel free to head over to Nickermann’s Tailor right away for a proper finished product! 

We are bespoke suit tailors in Bangkok, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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