Dressing appropriately is a must, particularly during formal events, themed ones, or even for daily corporate wear. You want to look professional and presentable whenever you’re attending such occasions, and choosing the right suit will have you looking clean yet elegant.

If you want to look your best, you will need to consider all the details in your ensemble as choosing the best combination style-wise will go a long way. The first detail you should observe is your suit’s buttons.

Little do people know that the buttons of a suit do matter when it comes to your overall style, no matter how minute they seem. Mainly, there are differences between two-button suits and three-button ones, and it’s not just an issue of quantity.

Characteristics of two-button suits

The two-button suit style is the traditional button stance and has been a standard among many nationalities for decades now. The placement of the buttons is lower compared to three-button suits since they have one less button with typically the same distance between each of them.

A wider V-shaped space is open when wearing two-button suits, emphasizing the style of your shirt and tie. Since the open space is vertically longer, the two-button style gives a slimming effect to the body, making it a safe choice to go for, especially for men with bulky body builds.

Two-button suits also make the wearer appear taller and not disorienting with regards to proportions.

Up to this day, this style is a preferred look among men due to its versatility. Ultimately, the two-button style is more appropriate during less-formal events or as everyday business attire.

What makes three-button suits differ

Aside from the addition of one more button, the three-button style differs from the two-button jacket in many ways. This suit has a shallower open V-shape, and unlike two-button ones, it’s more suitable for certain builds only.

Jackets with two buttons only are more forgiving compared to this style since the open space is longer. A three-button suit is a good fit for men with athletic and proportional body figure. It also works better for thinner men since the overlapping in front of your shirt gives people a seemingly wider glance on you, balancing out the proportion in their eyes.

If you have a shorter or slightly-larger torso, it is more advisable to just stick with a two-button jacket since it emphasizes your body’s upper-level, compared to three-button suits.

The three-button stance is preferable during more formal events because the additional enclosure from the buttons makes the wearer look more scholarly and sophisticated.

Remembering fashion rules

While there are distinctions between the two suits, it is more important to keep the universal rules of men’s formalwear in mind. These are as follows:

Do not button down the bottommost one

This rule always comes first when it comes to wearing suits and ties. Whether you opt for the two-button jacket or the three-button one, never button down the last button of your suit.

Always undo your buttons before you sit

Remember to undo the button of your suit before sitting, or the jacket will be stretched whenever you do so. It will also look awkward since the fabric of the suit will be forced to fold and crumple every time you sit down.

Put effort into your fashion choices

Sure, a suit with two buttons is always the safer route to go, but if you’re already going to choose, then go wild and try to pick what’s better for you and the occasion. People will be stunned to see you looking dazzling, and even the smallest detail can make a difference, just like choosing between two- or three-styled buttons.

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