When you decide to improve your wardrobe, you start looking for clothes that look best on you and help boost your confidence. You’ve looked into all possible ways, and you arrive at one crucial point: tailored clothing. Know that there’s absolutely no substitute for a professional custom fit, but how much will it cost you? 

In this article, we will share with you a simple guide that is equipped with common adjustments tailors usually make along with estimated costs. Keep on reading to find out more.

1. Minor repairs

For those without the slightest skill of handling needle and threadwork, your local tailor is the best source for any repair, along with alternations. Minor fixes, such as a button replacement, zipper replacement, or a splitting seam to be stitched back up, can cost around ฿164 to ฿327 per fix. These fixes are simple, quick, and cheap. If you’re looking to get only minor repairs, it’s best to look for cheap tailor shops in Bangkok. 

2. Trouser leg and shirt sleeve length adjustments

Shortening a shirt sleeve or a trouser leg is one of the simplest alterations you can have a tailor do. On the other end, lengthening is also simple, as long as there’s spare cloth sewn into the hem. Before visiting the tailor, make sure that you already know what you want, especially when it comes to trouser length alterations. If possible, pin the legs down at home where you can stand in your shoes, as this allows you to see the right length for you. 

Such adjustments usually cost around ฿327 to ฿654. Sleeve work can be a little more expensive, as tailors will need to work around buttonholes and proportions. 

3. Jacket sleeve length adjustments

Contrary to shirt sleeves and trousers, suits and sports jackets can be tougher to adjust. This still varies, however, as an unlined jacket is easier to alter than a lined one. Similarly, a jacket without cuff buttons will be easier to adjust when compared to those that do. For jacket sleeve length adjustments, expect to pay around ฿654 to ฿980. 

4. Trouser waistline adjustments

If you need to tighten the waistband of your trousers, expect to pay around ฿654 to ฿818. Some trousers, however, will need seat and crotch adjustments to get rid of excess cloth. With this additional alternation, expect to pay around ฿1635. Although pricier, the fit will look better on you!

5. Trouser leg and sleeve tapering

If you feel like you have too much cloth billowing around your ankles and calves as you walk, your trouser legs may need to get tapered. This alternation is a rather easy one to do, so expect to shell out anywhere from ฿654 to ฿1635, depending on the complexity of your instructions. 

As with the legs, excess cloth hanging under your arms when you wear a suit or shirt should be tapered for a better fit. Suit adjustments are trickier to do, which is why it could be pricier, between ฿980 to ฿1307. Shirt adjustments, on the other hand, are relatively easier and cheaper, and you’ll only be paying around ฿654 to ฿818.


When it comes to finding the right clothes, design and comfort aren’t the only factors that should be considered. To have you looking and feeling your best, your clothes also need to fit you well. The best way to achieve that is to have your clothes altered and tailored according to your body!

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