Picking out a suit to wear, whether it’s for a special event or for work, requires quite a bit of thought and preparation. What you wear says a lot about you and makes a considerable impact on how people perceive you, especially in the business world. This is why knowing a bit about how to wear a suit comes in handy, as it can make or break people’s perception of you.

While you might think that picking out a suit is merely choosing a suit jacket and some pants, there is a lot more thought that goes into it. Paying attention to the size and fit should be the priority. Although a basic concept, many still commit some basic errors when picking out their suit—which is why approaching a bespoke tailor is still the best option.

Before purchasing or wearing a suit, however, take note of these three basic mistakes that many commit when wearing a suit:

Misaligned houlder lines

One of the biggest troubles of picking out an off-the-rack suit jacket would be the shoulder length. Wearing a suit jacket with a shoulder span bigger than yours would make for a lousy outline; meanwhile, wearing one too short would be excessively uncomfortable. A common misconception for suit jackets is that wearing one with a shorter shoulder span would make you look more fit—this, unfortunately, isn’t true at all.

A shoulder span that matches yours is a lot easier on the eyes. Even if you don’t know your shoulder span, checking this is rather easy. The shoulder line of your suit jacket—evident by the thread line that connects the shoulder portion to the sleeve—should lie directly on the edge of your shoulder. A perfect-fitting shoulder span will result in a straight line from the collar to the sleeve, making your upper body look sleek and slim.

Loose torso width

While the shoulder span tends to affect this, another factor to look into would be the torso fit of your suit jacket. While many prefer a suit jacket that is on the looser end to help with movement and comfortability, the overall look of your suit would be wasted. On the flipside, if your suit is too tight, then it will result in you being unable to close the jacket which is a style desecration of its own. 

Proper fitting suit jackets should taper from the chest to the waist, so ensure your suit jacket does this before settling on one to purchase. The particulars of waist suppression is a bit flexible, just as long as it isn’t too much or too little.

Mismatched sleeve lengths

Your dress shirt’s sleeve length matters a lot—the suit jacket’s sleeve length should never encompass your dress shirt’s sleeves! This is one of the most common mistakes that a first-time suit wearer would make and unfortunately, it’s excessively obvious.

First, your shirt’s sleeve must end somewhere between the base of your thumb and your wrist. Next, your jacket sleeve should allow your dress shirt to peek out—somewhere around half an inch maximum would be perfect.


A good looking suit is only as good as it’s fit on you. Even if a suit is expensive and made of the best materials, the look is wasted if it doesn’t fit you perfectly. Taking note of these basic tips can help you pick the best suit for you and your body type. If you find any problems with your suit’s size, then a simple call to a bespoke tailor can instantly remedy that.

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