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There’s an apparent distinction between high-quality suits and cheap poorly made suits. Everyone is better off investing their money in suits that will last them for a long time compared to an outfit that’s only good for one-time use. However, if you’re like most people, you’ll get confused about how to choose which suit best gives you the bang for your buck. Although material quality is one consideration, it is not a tell-all sign of the overall quality.

Custom-made suits are the new trend for a reason—these offer functionality and customized fitting for clients. Here are the types of custom suits you can ask your Thailand tailor to create for you.

1) Made-to-Measure (MTM)

Made-to-measure custom suits are the most popular option since they are the cheapest. MTM works the same way with a store-bought variant, which you can alter to suit your actual measurements. Take note that these are only minimal alterations that do nothing to change the patterns, details, and construction of the outfit.

Although this might not fit your traditional concept of custom-made suits, you have to agree that the few alterations in the sleeves, body, hem, or waste can still be considered “custom” to a certain extent. However, this type doesn’t always guarantee a perfectly fitting suit every time since people come in various body shapes and sizes. There might be some parts that are too large for an alteration. 

If you are among the limited number of people who match the sample size and only require a few alterations, then you should consider yourself blessed. However, there is still one thing you should look out for with this suit type. The suit is more rigid in terms of the seams since it is machine-sewn. With that, you might have difficulty in moving around compared to the two options.  

2) Semi-Bespoke

Semi-bespoke allows you to have more control than made-to-measure variants, but it does have some limitations. This option is an ideal choice for people who want to have a suit with the finishing touches made by hand. That gives you more mobility than made-to-measure variants or ready-made suits. The hand-sewn finishing touches can be buttonholes, stitching, sleeves, buttons, or collars.

3) Full Bespoke

Full bespoke suits fit your ideal concept of custom-made suits because everything is handmade from the hand-drawn patterns to every single stitch. Hand-sewn stitches provide mobility since tailors know how to sew stitches with a profile that makes it comfortable for the end-user, which is something that a machine cannot replicate.


Made-to-measure suits are the best choice for people with budget concerns but still want a firmer hug to their bodies. For people with the extra budget but can’t afford fully bespoke suits, a semi-bespoke suit is your go-to choice with certain hand-sewn elements that allow excellent mobility compared to made-to-measure variants. However, if you plan to dress to impress, full bespoke custom-made suits are the undeniable choice to make that happen.

If you are looking for tailor-made suits in Bangkok, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you wear the outfit that matches your looks.

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