Nickermann’s Boutique Tailors, established in 1988, creates bespoke suits and garments for men and women. All our garments are custom-made to your personal specifications with the finest attention to detail, undergoing a meticulous hand-crafted process.

1. Book an Appointment

Due to the continuous support of our loyal clients and their referrals, Nickermann’s’ clientele base continues to grow and demand continues to increase. Thus, making an appointment is recommended to avoid wait times, ensuring we give you top priority.

Please visit our Contact Us page to book an appointment.

2. First Visit

Material Selection:

The first step is for you to select from a huge range of fabrics, from cottons and breathable linens to Thai silk and the finest imported wools in the world.

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Style Selection & Blueprint Creation:

Once you select the material, you then choose a style according your personal preference. Our professional tailors then create a blueprint sketch that matches your taste and suits your body type.

Personalization for Suits:

At this stage, you can choose from a range of natural linings for suits, embroidered initials or full name inside the jacket, hand-picked stitching, and hand-made button holes; we can personalize anything to your preference. Our suits also come with the finest canvas interfacing, which provides a natural feel and easy-flowing fit.


Your tailor will take detailed measurements according to the style you select. We record your body type and posture to ensure the best results. These measurements are then stored onto our database.

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3. Fittings & Finishings

After your initial visit, we then expertly hand-cut each garment type individually to your exact measurements for our skilled craftsmen to sew and finish. Fittings are required to follow your body curves and shoulder slants to provide either natural or slim fitting based on your preference. Depending on your satisfaction, we typically require a rough fitting followed by a second and final fitting.

4. Finalized Garments

Upon completion and upon your satisfaction, our master tailors carefully check each suit to maintain our high standards. You will then be ready to receive your one-of-a-kind Nickermann’s commission.

5. Re-ordering

As we store your customized measurements in our database, we can always make new garments for you upon request and send bespoke tailor-made garments right to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.